Diet tips

How to Lose Weight Fast

Almost everyone tries to gain or achieve things in life – whether it’s money, respect, fame, or just about anything else, we spend our money on things to buy, starting with a house to live in and ending with a spinner to play with. Yes, we are all part of a consuming society. But there is actually something most of us try to lose at one point in life or another, or in same cases, all through it – weight. If you wish to lose weight, or even gain weight – but that’s for a different article, we can help you with our science-based plans, designed to help you control your weight while improving your health.

Dealing with overweight, whether it’s obesity you’re facing or only a few extra pounds you want to shed, can prove to be a mighty struggle that requires perseverance and energy. And yes, we all know how overweight can be unhealthy, but this is not the main issue, as there are many things in life that aren’t healthy for us but we still choose to do. No, the main issue here is how overweight directly affects our self-esteem, as it can make us feel different, ashamed, unbeautiful, and worst of all – unworthy – and this is something that none of us should ever feel. Put it in the words of Bob Harper: “It is not about losing weight; it is about fixing what’s broken”. Take a minute to let that one sink in.

So, What’s Next?

The way to start dealing with overweight starts with the realization that weight is not our main problem – it is only one of the problem’s symptoms. The real problem is the way we feel about ourselves. It is the choices we make. It is the LIFESTYLE we choose.

So yes, you can go through yet another extreme diet. You can probably even succeed in losing a few pounds now and then – but the problem will never go away. The way you feel about yourself will never go away. This can only change the moment you make a decision to live differently. To change the way you eat (where you eat, what you eat, when you eat, who you eat with, etc.), to change the way you live (be more active, exercise every day, get up of that couch, etc.), and finally – to change the way you think about yourself – YOU ARE WORTHY!

Believing we’re worthy starts with the way we think about ourselves, continues with what we eat, and even has to do with how we treat ourselves regarding personal care. Here you can find nutrition plans, designed by scientists and nutrition specialists to strengthen your body, to treat high blood pressure or cholesterol, to manage weight, and to care for your body, hair, and skin.

Here’s How to Lose Weight – Don’t Wait!

Since we’ve already established that weight is not the main problem, but our lifestyle is – there could never be a better timing to start improving your lifestyle than today! Today is the day to stop copping out! No more excuses, no more delays – today is the first day of the rest of your life. We always promise ourselves that we will start tomorrow. Have no doubt, it’s great to plan ahead, but when you keep telling yourself that the change will start tomorrow, you have to understand – tomorrow will always be one day ahead of you, so you deserve a better promise – a promise to start TODAY! When it is really possible.

Start with the Basics

Now you’re probably asking “What should I start with?” Right? The first thing you should start with is treating yourself better – believe you’re able to do it and trust you’re capable of changing your life to the better. Start getting used to a steady routine, in which you go to sleep on time, get up on time in the morning, and determine the time you prefer to work out – which can be early in the morning or right after work. If you ask us, we recommend to start your day with a workout for two main reasons – first, working out will help you start your day more energized, and secondly, it will leave you no room for excuses, like “I had a really busy day at work so I’m too tired to work out” – start your day with a good workout, and get it done. And if you do feel a little off or drained, we recommend you try one of our herbal beverages or natural snacks to replenish your energy for the upcoming workout – every product and every plan we offer will provide you with a well-thought, science-based solution, as you can choose the best solution suited for your needs. Remember – no excuses – put your mind to it and get it done.

Getting used to a steady routine will help you stick with the plan. It is that simple. When you operate within a steady routine it is much easier to persist – the more and longer you stick with the plan, the easier it will be for you to keep going – up to the point where it will become natural to you as drinking coffee in the morning, which we recommend avoiding by the way.

Hydrate, a Lot!

Start your day with drinking water – it helps your organs return to full operation and it is much healthier for you. Do not be tempted to drink sweetened beverages and sodas. About 70% of our body weight is water, that’s why you have to hydrate throughout the day. Think about it – you would never even think about watering flowers or any other type of plant with sweet soda, because you can probably imagine what it will do to the plant – so why would you do that to your own body? It does the same damage to us as to plants, only a bit more slowly. When you’re thirsty, make a different choice than what you’re used to – water yourself with water. You will notice the difference sooner than you can imagine.

Keep the Taste, Leave the Waste

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to eat tasteless food. It basically means two things – you should cut back on the greasy and fatty foods and you should start eating smaller portions, while all the rest is waste – do not throw it inside your body. Leave it for tomorrow or share it with your family members or your roommates. And that leads us to the next advice – don’t eat alone and don’t hide while eating – these behaviors encourage and allow you to eat much more than you should. Meal time should be shared with family and friends, and not in your car on the way home. Another important aspect regarding the food you eat, is to stay alert regarding your daily recommended intake, which you can easily control with our monthly plans that will help you consume all your daily intake, while providing you with more energy, strength, and better metabolism.

This is easier to do when you have regular hours for meals, rather than eating sporadically, whenever you feel like eating something or whenever you have a minute. Additionally, don’t eat in cheap diners which usually serve low quality food. Choose the places that offer a variety of healthy and tasty choices. Yes! You SHOULD become selective regarding what you eat and where you choose to eat.

Enhance Your Diet

Most people think that it takes a lot of time to eat healthy, but that’s not necessarily the truth. With our products, you can complete your diet with all the vitamins you need and more. There are several programs and packs that will provide you with your recommended daily portions of important vitamins and nutrients to get you started with a little more energy on the road to your wellness.

We’ve got products to help you control your protein consumption and also products meant to support your new active life – products that give you more energy to work out. You always want to look for those products, which are designed to help you both prepare for your workout and recover after it, whether you train once or twice a week or spend a few hours at the gym every day.

Science based products can help you get more energy, essential vitamins and minerals, and protein, but that’s not all – as there are also targeted nutrition products, designed to address heart health issues, digestive issues (products designed to increase your metabolism so you’ll be able to lose weight faster), immune system strengthening, and stress management.

Personal Care – Treat Yourself a Little Nicer

To complete your new program, we also recommend personal care products to help you treat your skin, body, and hair, just a little bit better – because you deserve it! There are several products to help you protect your skin and nourish it. For your body we recommend wash, lotion, and Aloe Vera gel, which will make you feel better with your body. As you treat it better you will get to like it better.

Include Workouts in Your Daily Routine

Even though we’ve talked about this earlier, this issue is so important, it deserves a paragraph of its own.

Working out or exercising is not only about pumping iron in the gym. It can be part of your life, routine, and family’s activities. As we’ve mentioned above, starting your day with a morning workout is the best way to stick to the program. Additionally, you can include various simple workouts which will be integrated into your daily routine, for example – play with your kids football at the park (or any other ball game for that matter, such as soccer, baseball, basketball, softball, and so on and so forth). Another example is fast walking for at least an hour, as part of taking the dog out – try to run a little from time to time. Another great thing to do in order to keep your motivation as high as possible, is to schedule workouts with friends or family members – like going on a run together, attending a class at the gym together, or even working out together at home for an hour – whatever you choose to do, as long as you schedule it ahead and make it clear that that time is dedicated only to exercising.

Working out on a regular basis serves more than just the goal of losing weight. First of all, losing weight greatly depends on the way you eat and what you eat, and secondly, working out is so much more – it’s about becoming more vital and stronger, it’s about allowing your body and organs to work more effectively and allowing your body to become more healthy. It is also about being able to play with your kids and pets without gasping for air and it is about allowing yourself to feel better about your body and enjoying your new found ability to move and participate in family, friends, or work related activities. The days when you were used to sit alone while everybody else was playing together are over! Now comes the time when you take back the control over your life and once you’ve decide you’re up to the challenge – nothing and no one will be able to stop you.

Surround Yourself with Supportive People

Changing your lifestyle is not an easy thing to do. Actually, it’s a very hard thing to do as we all know habits die hard or not at all… We’ve talked about how turning something into your daily routine can help you make a habit out of it and become consistent about it – unfortunately, the same goes for bad habits as well – once they’re part of your daily routine they are hard to get rid of – but not impossible! You have the power to turn things around, but you’ll need friends and family around you, who will support your new way of life, who will encourage you when things get tough, and who will empower you when you achieve success, and you will achieve it – if you only believe it.

Don’t Get Lazy, Always Be Ready

Life’s full of adventures and opportunities to be active – always be prepared and willing to do something – playing catch with your kid in the back or front yard, going for an evening walk with your spouse, attending a new class at the gym, or whatever life throws your way – you only live once! Seek and take advantage of any opportunity life gives you – don’t take it for granted, as the opportunity may present itself today, but won’t be available tomorrow. Life is dynamic – get active and don’t miss out on anything.

Pass It On

As an active person, you can always spread the word around and help more people become motivated, active, healthier, and happier in general. The more people you encourage to get out there and start a better life for themselves – the more people you’ll have around to keep you motivated and going at full speed. You can start with your friends and family (especially the kids – it is great to introduce them to an active and healthy lifestyle when they’re still young), and then, you can move on to your community – neighbors, friends you meet at the gym or morning run, and the like.

Always Stick to the Program

The secret to always keeping it going is to always stick to the program. Meaning, nothing is an excuse to why you have to take a break or stop working out for a while. Not stressful times at work, not moving to a new house, and especially not a vacation – oh no! You will work out as a part of your vacationing – or you will have to start all over again once you get back – and we’re certain you remember how hard it was to start working out in the first place. You don’t want to throw away all the hard work you’ve put in by now, do you? So keep going with it, stick to the plan – go on a hike, get on a bike, go for a swim, and stick to your new habits and schedule you’ve built for yourself, no matter where you are.

Slow Down When Sick

The only case in which you can cut yourself a little slack, is when you feel ill or sick, and you should allow yourself the time to heal, recover, and get better. It is not recommended to work out when you’re not feeling well – especially when medicated, so it is o.k. to slow down a little bit, and do only the things you feel comfortable with, and above this, always remember – only you know when you’re using excuses not to work out – don’t work against yourself – work for yourself!